Friday, 19 August 2011

Back To The Daily Grind

So after only having about 24hrs to readjust to the time difference, I'm off to my next rotation -- the {Blue Cross}. At the Blue Cross, we as students, are responsible for doing day to day consultations for things such as itchy dogs, regular check ups, neurological animals, and wounds and swellings. One of the differences between working at the Blue Cross and at our school's referral hospital is that you have to learn to work up cases using as little money as possible. When it comes to referral hospitals, most of the clients are willing and able to spend large amounts of money on their pet, or they are lucky enough to have pet insurance. At the Blue Cross that isn't always the case, as their clients are often on benefits and can only afford the basics. It's a great learning experience because in life there are many instances where you will come across clients that want the best care for their pet, but will be unable to afford the latest and greatest treatments, so you have to know what your other diagnostic/treatment options are.

"That's not how you clean a table Jamie... This is how it's done!"

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