Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back to London Town!

So August 13th I boarded yet another plane to head back to London yet again. I HATE flying -- not because I'm afraid of it, or that it makes me ill, but I'm just sooooo sick of it 'cause it wastes so much of my time! Yes, one could argue that it saves times compared to a boat, for example, but it's just such a pain to have to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight, then take the 5-6 hour flight (almost 8 when heading back home) and then make my way across London and finally reach Potters Bar. I usually fly Air Transat, which, I must say, is the most affordable of the airlines, but I really dislike it. Food and entertainment are crap. The guys in the row next to mine (young, fit 20 year olds) were complaining that the seats were too small -- imagine how a curvy girl feels -- and the fact that you have to pay for headphones (if you don't bring your own), a blanket, and a pillow is ridiculous. However, as a student, money is what matters most, so you forgo all these pleasantries for a more affordable flight. Thankfully, YYZ has free wireless (Heathrow take note!) and once on the plane, I slept for almost the entire journey!

So even though I often do not enjoy my flights on Air Transat, I'm pretty sure I will still book my few remaining London-Toronto flights with them just because I'm such a poor student :(

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