Friday, 12 August 2011

A Short Visit Home

So this summer I was able to visit home for what seemed to be a VERY short 3 weeks. It wasn't a proper holiday or anything, as I was doing my EMS placements while there. I had the opportunity to work at two great local vet clinics: {Wingrove Veterinary Services} and {Campus Estates Animal Hospital}. Both places had super amazing staff and great learning opportunities! For any vet students looking to get some experience at a clinic in the Guelph area, I definitely recommend either of those, or both!

In the evenings and during the weekend days that I had off, I tried my best to visit with friends and family. My parents and my nonna received most of my attention, but I thankfully had several opportunities to hang with a bunch of the other important people in my life: Shannon, Carli (& Mike & Brooklyn), Carlie (& Stella), James, Jamie, MA, Angela, Christy, Kara, Laura, Danielle, Mel, and Julie -- Thanks for making my time at home so wonderful!

Alas, come Aug 13 it's back to the grindstone -- Rotations at {RVC}! Just one more year!

Girls' Night!

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