Sunday, 11 September 2011

From horses to more horses!

So my Equine Medicine rotation has now come to an end. It was tough at times – we lost 5 horses (3 in 1 day!), but it’s always nice to have those ones that make it home. There was one case in particular that had suspected foxglove poisoning; He would get better, then get worse, then get better, and get worse. He was there for pretty much the entire time we were. Thankfully, I’ve heard from some classmates that he has gone home this week! Yay! On one of our last afternoons we had some time, so we took one of the horses out for a walk and graze, and had a little photoshoot of our own. Erin wasn’t there unfortunately, as she had to travel into London to the Natural History Museum to drop off some plant/hay/reflux samples to be identified. Enjoy the photos below! Next stop: Old Malton, Yorkshire for some Equine EMS!

Lauren & I

Jamie, Lauren, and I

Jamie making one of her famous faces

And another....

Hard at work... obviously

Lauren as one of Jamie's participants for her research project

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