Friday, 30 September 2011

Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub...

Equipment Required: A Stethoscope

Cardiology.... unfortunately it was just a one week rotation, but it was fun while it lasted. Unfortunately we only got to work with everyone's favourite teacher once, but regardless, the rest of the week was fun and interesting. Cardiology is one of those topics that can seem very daunting, can be quite easy to learn, and then when you try and put it into practice you realize that it actually can be quite difficult! Each day was filled with ausculation, echos, ecgs, and the occasional radiograph. It was good but short, and it would have been nice if the students got to do some of the ultrasounding, because in first opinion practice we'll likely be doing some of that before referring. Regardless, we had a pretty interesting week, having had some rare and unusual cases, including a cat wit PDA -- apparently a referral vet will only see like 4 of those in their lifetime. Despite enjoying cardiology, I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend, as the weather is supposed to be amazing! I love Indian Summers!

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