Thursday, 15 September 2011

Off to North Yorkshire I Go

For the next two weeks I’m staying in the lovely little village of Norton, North Yorkshire, while I attend my equine EMS placement at {Rainbow Equine Hospital} in Old Malton, Yorkshire. My train ride here was somewhat stressful, as initially, my train from Potters Bar was late (I was afraid I wouldn’t make my connections), then, my second connection was cancelled halfway through because a train had malfunctioned further up the track and couldn’t be moved for sometime. At this point everyone had to disembark (I have no idea where we were at this point) and we all had to wait for other trains that would get us where we needed to go. I was initially scheduled to make my last connection in Leeds, but instead had to travel to York and change there for my train to Malton. I eventually got there where Sophie (the super nice lady I’m staying with) picked me up from a somewhat sketchy train station. From there we went to her place where she had some Chinese food waiting for us! She has the cutest house and should definitely consider making it a B&B (she had nice towels and a plush bathrobe set out for me)! The next morning I was due to be picked up at 8am by one of her friends, but my alarm didn’t go off and I slept in until 8:10! Her friend and I didn’t have eachother’s contact info, so instead I hailed a cab and made it into work about 20 minutes late – great start, I know!  The next day, Jonny the vet was able to fix Sophie’s bike, so that I could take that to work everyday. Thankfully everyone there was super nice, so things went quite smoothly for the rest of the week!

My first week I met the vets – Jonny, Mandy, Moses, Oli, Zoltan, Bob, and Ieu. I also met the new interns, Matt and RVC ’11 Grad, Jon, and a vet student from Bristol, Sarah-Jane. Everyone made my first week fun and useful as I’ve gotten a little more experience in equine med: More handling, IM injections, IV injections, observing surgeries I’ve never seen before, setting up fluids and a whole lot of imaging! I’m hoping that next week I’ll get to do some IV catheters, among other things.

On the Wednesday I met Sophie and her cousin at her shop, the {Malton Relish}, and from there we went to a pub called the {New Malton Pub}. We shared a bottle of wine and I had the carrot and cumin soup with a side salad -- both were very tastey! I'm looking forward to the weekend, as I'm hoping to be able to check out Malton and all its charm!

The team at Rainbow Equine Hospital (source:
Malton Relish (the little red building on the corner)

The New Malton Pub

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