Sunday, 25 September 2011

So long Malton.. it's been fun!

This week has been a fairly good week at Rainbow vets! There has been a steady caseload, which is makes for a good learning environment, and thankfully, the cases have been quite varied! It’s a nice change from RVC where all of our cases were colics! This week I did get opportunities to place catheters and I got to scrub in on a surgery to remove 2 dorsal spinous processes from a horse that had “kissing spines.” It was fun to get to work on an animal that was actually standing during surgery (aside from the massive kick to the vet’s femur). I think it’s great too that I can still be amazed by some of the things I see during surgery too – like the size of the pieces we removed! I’m still 100% positive that I want to work with small animals when I’m done school, but it’s definitely been a cool experience to have worked with such giant and amazing beasts! Alas, back to good old Potters Bar for a week of Cardiology :-)
At the Malton train station, awaiting my train home

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