Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Time to explore!

This weekend I worked half a day at the clinic and then spent the Saturday afternoon exploring Malton. I was planning on looking through the shops in the market square, but once I got there I realized I had forgotten my wallet back at Sophie’s, so in the end, I just browsed around then headed back to relax and read some of my book (see Current Reads section). Saturday evening was pretty cold so we lit the fireplace – first fire of the year! 

Church in Market Square, Malton

Bridge over River Derwent, Malton

This morning we got up bright and early to head to a car boot sale (a first for me). Along the way I noticed several horses, just tethered along the roadside every now and then, which to me seemed unusual. Apparently that’s what the gypsies do with their horses when they aren’t using them. Weird. Anywho, the car boot sale had a lot of people selling a lot of junk! There were some people that had some interesting and unique things, but all in all, it’s just a giant yard sale! 
Car boot sale

After that Sophie dropped me off in the city of York for the afternoon. While there I went on a free walking tour, courtesy of the {Association of VolunteerGuides}. While Neil gave us a history lesson (I had no idea York had a history involving Scandinavians and Vikings), we got to see the Roman/Medieval walls, St Mary’s Abbey, King's Manor, Bootham Bar, York Minster, the Treasurer’s House, the Shambles, and an overall tour of the town. After the tour I grabbed some lunch and then shopped around (I was good and didn’t buy anything), then made my way to the bus station, where I boarded a bus back to Norton. Tonight Karen, Sophie’s friend and Rainbow Vet employee came over and we had some wine and Chinese while helping Soph address envelopes for an event at York House –{ A Literary Gala}. Nothing too exciting, but a nice end to a fantastic weekend! 
City Art Gallery, York

St. Mary's Abbey, York

The Shambles, York's oldest street

York Minster

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