Friday, 21 October 2011

The Abattoir!

This week was spent mostly in Bristol at the University of Bristol's Abattoir, located on their Langford campus. It used to be an EMS placement that we were required to set up ourselves, but for our year, the school decided that they would set up this placement for us. It's easier that way, since there aren't a ton of locations to choose from. Thankfully, along with the placement, Bristol also provides us with accommodation! It's nothing fancy.. your usual dorm style bedroom, shared kitchen and bathroom, but it was only steps away from the abattoir. Those of you that know me, know that I eat meat, and that I of course care for animals, but my roommate Erin has very strong views on animal welfare and is a strict vegetarian -- This was going to be a trying time for her! I guess it was a good placement for us however, since this particular abattoir has a low throughput, so they have the time to do things more slowly and more properly, as well as answer any of the students' questions. We had the opportunity to observe electrical stunning of sheep and pigs and captive bolting of cow, along with how each animal is taken apart and inspected.

Friday we headed to Suffolk to an abattoir that processed white meat, mainly chicken. Now this abattoir was completely different in the fact that they process thousands of chickens a day -- apparently one chicken takes 20 minutes to process from gassing to being placed in the cooler. This place was giant and there were chickens hanging in almost every part of each room. As one might expect the smell was horrible -- the OV said she hasn't even gotten used to it! We were able to see everything from when the chickens are brought in to the finished product (chicken for Sainsburys and KFC). It was definitely interesting and I'm glad to now know exactly where my food comes from!

University of Bristol, Langford Campus

Jamie and Erin modelling their best assets ;)

Erin and I on our quest to find internet

Hannah and I not looking forward to our first day in the abattoir

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