Thursday, 13 October 2011

EMS @ Rosemary Avenue Vet Clinic

I spent this past week doing one week of EMS at {Rosemary Avenue Vet Clinic}. It's a small clinic located in Enfield, which makes for a fairly short bus trip from PB. Rosemary Ave was actually where I went to for my very first clinical EMS placement. They were super welcoming, nice, and happy to share their knowledge/teach. They made me feel like I was one of the team, so it's no surprise that I've chosen to go there again. Unfortunately, one of the vets I worked with the first time around, Matt, is no longer around, as he's since moved back to Oz. However, it gave me the opportunity to work with the other vets, Claire and Moira, as well as get to know their new vet, Peter. I'm just as pleased with my second visit as I was with my first, and will happily recommend them to any other student looking for an EMS placement.

Rosemary Avenue Veterinary Clinic

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