Monday, 31 October 2011


So unlike North America, Halloween in the UK is almost non existent. Very few kids dress up to go trick or treating, and virtually no one has any decorations up, let along a Jack-o-lantern. It's sort of sad. I think about all the Halloweens I celebrated when I was little and it's nothing but fond memories!!

There are still parties where students get dressed up and get drunk, but it's just not the same. Jamie had a few of us over on Saturday to watch a scary movie (modified into a drinking game), some treats, take away, costumes, and of course, pumpkin carving!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Halloween!!

Pumpkins done at Jamie's -- mine's the one one the end, next to the penis

Pumpkins at our house - Simon's first jack-o-lantern ever (he's French) on the far right

My blurry self portrait of me as a devil
Jamie as the Lunch Lady from SNL (see video below for a reminder)

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