Sunday, 9 October 2011

Yay, it's the weekend!

So, despite having to go in for a couple hours on Saturday morning, the rest of my weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday night a bunch of people went for drinks for a classmate's birthday, but since I was freezing cold and tired and due to the fact that I had to work Saturday morning, I decided to forgo the drinks. Very grown up of me, I know. So yeah.. Friday was a nice night in, catching up on my guilty pleasures, the {Vampire Diaries} and {Secret Circle} (yeah, I know.. I'm probably too old for those shows, but oh well).

So post work I did a little grocery shopping and lazed around, then headed over to Emily's for her roommate's birthday/house warming party. Complete with cupcakes, beer pong and great people, it was a good night! It's always good to catch up with everyone too -- since being on rotations we hardly see one another anymore!

A little beer pong action

Sunday was devoted to sleeping in and then heading over to Enfield for a coffee with Jamie and a little retail therapy. It wasn't a super successful shopping trip as I only bought myself a top and a gift for my friend's baby. It was nice enough to just get out and enjoy the day though :-)

The location of Jamie and I's rendezvous

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