Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Santa Claus Parade

So about a week and a half ago I went to the Guelph Santa Claus parade with Carli and her family (they all have kids now). Anywho, it had been YEARS since I had last gone, so I was excited to have a reason to go again! There seemed to be a lot less people than when I remember (but we were at the end of the route so maybe that made a difference?), and the parade seemed a bit shorter, but none the less, it's always fun doing something different.... especially something that gets you in that holiday spirit!

Brooklyn , Olivia & Patty

My fav toddler (left) and Carli and her nephew, Nixon (right)
Friends from the "hood" -- Me, Carli, Jess
One of the marching bands
And last but not least, SANTA!!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Darling, it's a charity gala!

This weekend I finally have the opportunity to get gussied up and attend the annual charity gala in support of the {Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation}. Shannon, Carlie, and Carlie's cousins have been able to attend for several years and have always raved about it. This year it was held at {Carmen's} in Hamilton, Ontario, and the theme was Casino Royale. There was a ton of food/dessert and each ticket came with casino bucks and two drink tickets. Enterprise provided a bus to and from the event, so we were able to partake in more than two drinks tickets worth of beverages ;) We decided to spend most of our night at a BlackJack table, with our dealer Marv (who was amazing btw). All of our casino bucks (I did very well, might I add) acted as a ticket into which we could enter for a draw on any of the items that we were interested in. I put my money in for a wine rack (filled with wine) and a television set -- Sadly, I did not win either. Oh well, better luck next time! Anywho, it was a fab night with two amazing girls who looked super beautiful! Thanks ladies!

Car and I on our way to the bus

At the gala 

Shannon and I contemplating our next moves

Carlie and I at Pablo's -- post gala & after several beverages

New Look!

So I got bored of the look of the blog and decided to update it to reflect my life in London a little bit more. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Girls' Nite!

Sorry for the delay in posts... I spend my days studying for the NAVLE (well, mostly), so you'll have to forgive the lateness.

Anywho, last Friday was my first Friday home and after a nice relaxing day at my nonna's, the girls and I had a very wonderful and much needed girls' night filled with wine, champagne, junk food and cupcakes from {Wellington Cakes}, Guelph! Since I was still jet lagged I had to start my night off with a wonderful cup of java, to ensure I'd be able to make it through the night. In attendance was Angela, Carli, Carlie of {Friends In My Closet}, Daniella of {Daniela Burseze Photography}, Julie, Laura, and Shannon. The majority of the night was spent gossiping (don't kid yourself.. everyone gossips), wedding talk (as two of the girls are getting married in the next year) and laughing... all while Bride's Maids was playing in the background. After some had departed, the remainder of us headed to {Doogie's/Pablos} to meet up with Jamie and Cori and enjoy some of what downtown Guelph has to offer ;)

The girls: Julie, Carli, Me, Laura, Shannon, Daniela, & Carlie

Carlie had let me know that she had won tickets via her blog on Twitter to a wonderful "On the Curve" event that took Place in Rosehill, Toronto on November 15th. It's a great event featuring local designers of curvy girl clothing. It was a great place for Carlie to do some networking, and for myself to enjoy some drinks, beautiful clothing, and of course, a swag bag filled with goodies! Everyone loves some free stuff!

One of the models... we took pictures of the mirror at the end of the runway so as to avoid everyone

Car and I at the show

My Swag Bag

Well, back to the revision I go!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Back to the G-Spot!

Alas, it is time that I head back to the Homeland... {Guelph}!! Thankfully this year I get an extended holiday at home. This is mainly due to the fact that I am using this EMS time to study and write my {NAVLE} (which makes me want to barf) and finish writing my research report. The plan is to do 9-5 like days to study, write the test on Dec 5 (in London, ON), and then work on my paper over the week after so I can submit it to my supervisor for a read through before she heads off to New Zealand shortly after Christmas break. Also during this time, my parents will be moving to {Kingsville}, ON to their brand new house! It's always exciting to be in a brand new house, but it's also a lot of work... and the builders aren't being the greatest, so, it's proving to be difficult.
My last beer before holidays... and first one post Anesthesia

So yes, the parents are moving OUT OF Guelph! I sort of have mixed emotions about that. It's a nice city and all (so I hear) and they have friends/family that live out there, however, it is not Guelph!! The rest of our friends and family are still here, so this means I will be forced to split my time between there and here... that's a 4 hour (or so) car journey -- and I don't have my own car anymore!!! Whatevs... I am awesome, and my friends are awesome, so we will make it work!

This time around I flew with {Air Canada}, which I love because they make the flight as comfortable as a flight can get, their food is decent, they have average luggage restrictions, and the entertainment system is up to par. The worst part about flying though, is the amount of time that is spent at the airport. Ugh, 3 hours before and then another hour (if you're lucky) at customs and waiting to get your luggage. Thankfully I made it out of YYZ in under an hour this time !!

Waiting for my gate to be announced.. Thankfully I got to fly before the holiday rush.

So, off I go to do some studying... I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the move and how it all goes!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Another one bites the dust!

Yay! Anesthesia is over!!! And thankfully so... Let me tell you... it did NOT do wonders for my complexion -- way too stressful! However, all that being said, it was a useful rotation. I just wish we had it earlier on, that way we could have taken that knowledge with us throughout -- AND we would have been way more keen!

Anywho.. just wanted to share that I'm happy it's over, and that I've passed! Yay!
Some tools of the trade

....and a few more...

IV catheter placement
Monitor for dog undergoing balloon valvuloplasty to correct a pulmonic stenosis