Saturday, 19 November 2011

Darling, it's a charity gala!

This weekend I finally have the opportunity to get gussied up and attend the annual charity gala in support of the {Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation}. Shannon, Carlie, and Carlie's cousins have been able to attend for several years and have always raved about it. This year it was held at {Carmen's} in Hamilton, Ontario, and the theme was Casino Royale. There was a ton of food/dessert and each ticket came with casino bucks and two drink tickets. Enterprise provided a bus to and from the event, so we were able to partake in more than two drinks tickets worth of beverages ;) We decided to spend most of our night at a BlackJack table, with our dealer Marv (who was amazing btw). All of our casino bucks (I did very well, might I add) acted as a ticket into which we could enter for a draw on any of the items that we were interested in. I put my money in for a wine rack (filled with wine) and a television set -- Sadly, I did not win either. Oh well, better luck next time! Anywho, it was a fab night with two amazing girls who looked super beautiful! Thanks ladies!

Car and I on our way to the bus

At the gala 

Shannon and I contemplating our next moves

Carlie and I at Pablo's -- post gala & after several beverages

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