Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Girls' Nite!

Sorry for the delay in posts... I spend my days studying for the NAVLE (well, mostly), so you'll have to forgive the lateness.

Anywho, last Friday was my first Friday home and after a nice relaxing day at my nonna's, the girls and I had a very wonderful and much needed girls' night filled with wine, champagne, junk food and cupcakes from {Wellington Cakes}, Guelph! Since I was still jet lagged I had to start my night off with a wonderful cup of java, to ensure I'd be able to make it through the night. In attendance was Angela, Carli, Carlie of {Friends In My Closet}, Daniella of {Daniela Burseze Photography}, Julie, Laura, and Shannon. The majority of the night was spent gossiping (don't kid yourself.. everyone gossips), wedding talk (as two of the girls are getting married in the next year) and laughing... all while Bride's Maids was playing in the background. After some had departed, the remainder of us headed to {Doogie's/Pablos} to meet up with Jamie and Cori and enjoy some of what downtown Guelph has to offer ;)

The girls: Julie, Carli, Me, Laura, Shannon, Daniela, & Carlie

Carlie had let me know that she had won tickets via her blog on Twitter to a wonderful "On the Curve" event that took Place in Rosehill, Toronto on November 15th. It's a great event featuring local designers of curvy girl clothing. It was a great place for Carlie to do some networking, and for myself to enjoy some drinks, beautiful clothing, and of course, a swag bag filled with goodies! Everyone loves some free stuff!

One of the models... we took pictures of the mirror at the end of the runway so as to avoid everyone

Car and I at the show

My Swag Bag

Well, back to the revision I go!

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