Saturday, 28 January 2012

2 weeks of Equine Surgery

This weekend I'm finishing up the very last of my horsey related vet school activities. The past two weeks were spent on the Equine Surgery Rotation. It had the potential to be a great learning experience, however, during my time there the CT machine was broken, therefore reducing the caseload, making for a VERY long week :( In total I only got to see two surgeries -- arthroscopy of the fetlock and sinoscopy. We got to do a few lameness workups too, which is good because that's one of my weaker areas with regards to horse medicine.
Our group had the opportunity to watch some of the research horses on the treadmill, which was pretty cool. I would have posted a video, but we weren't allowed to take any for confidentiality reasons. Instead, a photo of one of the research horses in his stall will have to do!


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Back to Potters Bar I go!

So it's time for me to head back to Potter's Bar :(

I will miss Canada, as always, but will be seeing you again in March!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A walk in Point Pelee National Park

I guess these last few posts will be a bit of a catch up on things that I did over the holidays. Now that my parents have moved to Kingsville (I will eventually put up pictures of the new house), there's a whole new area to explore! 

This week my Aunt and Uncle asked my mom and I if we wanted to join them for a walk in {Point Pelee National Park} during one of a few sunny and warm days over the holidays. I had been to one of Canada's other national parks before, {Bruce Peninsula National Park}, but this was my first time at Point Pelee. It's a giant, nice park, with quite a few trails/paths that I'm looking forward to exploring come summer. My aunt and uncle are avid birders, and I think they'll have plenty to see come migration season! In fact, on our way out of the park we saw a Screech Owl hiding in a tree (added to the list of the Snowy Owl we saw earlier in the day)!
The ladies @ Point Pelee

An ancient photo of mine from Bruce Peninsula National Park

Another ancient photo of mine from Bruce Peninsula National Park

Monday, 9 January 2012

Afternoon Tea @ Windsor Casino

One thing I did over the holidays that I forgot to mention earlier was an afternoon tea that was held at Ontario's {Caesar's Windsor Casino}. My Aunt Wendy had asked my mom and I if we were interested in a girl's afternoon in Windsor, ending with afternoon tea. Of course we were up for it! 

We started off in search of an Italian food market that my Aunt had read about, then some shopping (browsing for me) at one of Windsor's malls then over to the casino for some pre-tea cocktails, and finally a mini tea party! 

Many of you know that afternoon or high tea is a popular thing over in England, and thankfully, I've had several opportunities to go! One of my favourites is afternoon tea at the {Royal Garden Hotel}, in Kensington, which I've had the pleasure of attending once with my mom, and once with {Carlie} and her mom. Last year I went to {Le Meridien, Picadilly}, with Christy when she came for a visit. I've been to one other location when the girls from school and I went for tea for Christmas, but unfortunately, I can't remember what it was called! 

Afternoon teas always contain the same elements: never ending tea and a tiered tray complete with scones, clotted cream, preserve, a variety of desserts, and finger sandwiches, however, some afternoon teas get a little more fancy with gloved waiters that pull out your chair and lay your napkin on your lap, someone playing a grand piano, or even champagne and strawberries! Either way, afternoon tea is a fun way to spend the afternoon!

Afternoon Tea @ Le Meridien, Picadilly, with Christy

Afternoon Tea @ Le Meridien, Picadilly, with Christy   
Afternoon Tea @ Caesar's, Windsor with my mom and Aunt Wendy

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a good time saying bye to 2011 and hello to 2012.... I know I sure did! Carlie, Jamie, Chris and I had a lovely dinner at {La Cucina} in Guelph, and then 3 of us headed over to {Pablo's} for the countdown and for some more "merriment."

Although I'm thankful for many of the things 2011 had to offer, I'm definitely looking forward to 2012!

Pre Festivities (Myself, Jamie, Carlie.... where's Chris?)

Around time of the countdown (see my glasses of champagne)

Carlie and I towards the end of the night