Saturday, 28 January 2012

2 weeks of Equine Surgery

This weekend I'm finishing up the very last of my horsey related vet school activities. The past two weeks were spent on the Equine Surgery Rotation. It had the potential to be a great learning experience, however, during my time there the CT machine was broken, therefore reducing the caseload, making for a VERY long week :( In total I only got to see two surgeries -- arthroscopy of the fetlock and sinoscopy. We got to do a few lameness workups too, which is good because that's one of my weaker areas with regards to horse medicine.
Our group had the opportunity to watch some of the research horses on the treadmill, which was pretty cool. I would have posted a video, but we weren't allowed to take any for confidentiality reasons. Instead, a photo of one of the research horses in his stall will have to do!


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