Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A walk in Point Pelee National Park

I guess these last few posts will be a bit of a catch up on things that I did over the holidays. Now that my parents have moved to Kingsville (I will eventually put up pictures of the new house), there's a whole new area to explore! 

This week my Aunt and Uncle asked my mom and I if we wanted to join them for a walk in {Point Pelee National Park} during one of a few sunny and warm days over the holidays. I had been to one of Canada's other national parks before, {Bruce Peninsula National Park}, but this was my first time at Point Pelee. It's a giant, nice park, with quite a few trails/paths that I'm looking forward to exploring come summer. My aunt and uncle are avid birders, and I think they'll have plenty to see come migration season! In fact, on our way out of the park we saw a Screech Owl hiding in a tree (added to the list of the Snowy Owl we saw earlier in the day)!
The ladies @ Point Pelee

An ancient photo of mine from Bruce Peninsula National Park

Another ancient photo of mine from Bruce Peninsula National Park

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