Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Fortnight in the Yorkshire Dales

So for these next two weeks I will be in a town called {Settle}, which is located in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire. I'm going to be doing some EMS at the {Dalehead Veterinary Group}, in the farm animal department. Small towns like these are full of B&Bs, and I have chosen to stay at the {Oast Guest House} on Church Street. They offered me a 'vet student' rate (they've had a few of us before) and they are only about a ten minute walk from both the train station and the clinic. Well, I'm off to my first foray into being a farm vet -- wish me luck!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

I have awesome friends...

I met {Carlie} in highschool -- grade 9 to be exact. We chatted, and had mutual friends, but we didn't really get to know each other until after graduation. A certain event, which will remained unnamed (for Scott and Janet's sanity), brought us together. From that moment on, we've pretty much spent most of our free time together, through fake IDs, parties, camping, backpacking, and now, living an 8hr plane ride away from each other. She is definitely someone you can rely on, and an overall great friend.

One night Carlie and I were on our way home from some event, and we stopped and chatted with her neighbor Dave. He had some friends over. Through that group of friends is how we met Ayaz. Ayaz has joined Carlie and I on our many camping adventures. Despite the fact that he now lives in Michigan for work, he often ventures back to Guelph to hang with his friends.

Jamie was my neighbor, and is now a really good friend. He moved in next door ages ago, and has become a staple for a good night out! He's always up for a good time and will always be there when you need him. He too has joined Carlie, Ayaz, and I on many camping adventures and pretty much every night out . He loves rugby, and this is what brings us to the point of my story.

Carlie and Jamie have gone to Vegas several times now for the Rugby 7s. This year Ayaz went with them. One day, when I am eventually done vet school (it seems to be taking forever), I too will go! In the meantime, I at least know I am there with them in spirit. Thanks for thinking of me guys!

The post card sent to me from Vegas -- from Car, Ayaz, and Jamie

End of Rotations Party

So on the last day of core rotations (I still had two weeks of tracking rotations to complete afterwards) our year had an "End of Rotations" party at the Buttery, our on campus pub. Prior to getting our drink on at the pub, groups B3 and B4 decided to head to the Old Manor for some grub and some pre-festivity drinks. Afterwards, we headed to the Buttery for quite a few more drinks (as evidenced in the last photo). It was a great turnout, with the majority of our graduating class showing up. A great night overall!

Charlie & Jonny

Jonny, Rhi, & Lauren

Emma, Hannah, & Emily

At the Buttery: Myself, Lauren, Jamie, Erin, & Les

My last few weeks at the QMHA

So for the last month I've been back in the QMHA, doing two weeks of internal medicine, one week in neurology, and one week in oncology. I must say that for the most part I've enjoyed these rotations -- Medicine was quite busy, and although I spent most of my time in cat ward, it was a good rotation because you never know what you're going to get! The neurology team at our school is quite funny, and made a rather daunting topic seem more approachable. They also made the long-ass surgeries go buy quickly! Out of all the surgeries that I've observed during my time in school, the neurology surgeries were the coolest. It's not everyday you get to see a spinal cord up close -- and pulsating due to compression! Nerdy, I know. Oncology was pretty cool too. To be honest, I don't think that I was ever a fan of chemotherapy and stuff like that, however, after this rotation I'd definitely reconsider it when it comes to animals. I found that most clients were concerned with the side effects -- they think it'll be the same as it is with people. However, since veterinary oncologists use less intensive protocols it's not as bad. I have to admit, there were a few sad cases -- good owners and good pets = bad prognosis (that's the way it seems anyways) -- but there were a few animals that really did get some extra time. 

Next stop is Settle, North Yorkshire, where I'm off to get some farm EMS done with!
Busy, busy, busy: Despite the longer days I wasn't getting out until it was dark out :(

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow fall in PB!

Just thought I'd share this photo of my "backyard" on Sunday morning. The snow started a few hours after I got home from shopping on Saturday. Thankfully I made it home before it started!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Saturday in London

Thankfully this past weekend was a weekend away from furry creatures (and thankfully a break from my week of evil animals!) -- excluding Friday night. Unfortunately this wasn't a weekend of sleeping in either. Instead, I had to be in Oxford Circus for a supposed 10:30 am appointment with {Geek Squad} to fix my laptop. So I show up on time (amidst the various train/tube works) to find that my appointment wasn't actually made! Aaargh! Thankfully, they were able to take my computer anyway. The downside -- they will have it for the week. So I said good bye to my little Acer and decided to make the most of my day in London. * Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, but I've had to resort to my old phone, as my new one was run over by a car *

A little Starbucks to start of the day

I decided to do a little browsing (and very little shopping) since I was on Oxford Street afterall. Made my way past {Selfridges} and didn't go in. Would have loved to, but can barely afford anything that I want in there; however, I stopped to take a picture of some of their windows, since they are always so amazing. Next, I made my way to the always busy {Primark}, and probably could have made a couple purchases, but I didn't want to stand in the massive que to try things on or to check out! Then I stopped in the newly introduced to the UK {Forever 21} store -- nicely laid out, and fairly large, however, I still prefer the items in the ones in Canada. And finally, made a stop in {H&M}, but decided I'd wait and order things online!

Forever 21 UK

Window at Selfridges

Another  Window at Selfridges

I thought I'd end my day with a trip to the {Natural History Museum} for the {Veiolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year} exhibit. I went last year with Sam and was impressed with what I saw. It's unbelievable that someone under the age of 10 is capable of taking such amazing photos! If you're looking for something to do in between now and March 11, 2012, it's worth checking out! Make sure to bring your student card for a discount!
The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

Friday, 3 February 2012

Computer Troubles :(

So my computer is esssentially out of commission for the week. It won't stay connected to the internet for more than 5 minutes. Definitely a pain in the butt... especially when part of your social life revolves around needing consistent internet -- SKYPE!

I decided to give {Geek Squad} another go. I used them a few years ago to get rid of a nasty virus on my computer. I've had them doing some remote stuff on my computer, but to no avail. Alas, I've had to book an appointment in Oxford Circus on Saturday morning (ugh.. it'll be sooooo busy!), so I'll be without my computer :( Hopefully they can get my computer sorted in as little time as possible.