Saturday, 25 February 2012

I have awesome friends...

I met {Carlie} in highschool -- grade 9 to be exact. We chatted, and had mutual friends, but we didn't really get to know each other until after graduation. A certain event, which will remained unnamed (for Scott and Janet's sanity), brought us together. From that moment on, we've pretty much spent most of our free time together, through fake IDs, parties, camping, backpacking, and now, living an 8hr plane ride away from each other. She is definitely someone you can rely on, and an overall great friend.

One night Carlie and I were on our way home from some event, and we stopped and chatted with her neighbor Dave. He had some friends over. Through that group of friends is how we met Ayaz. Ayaz has joined Carlie and I on our many camping adventures. Despite the fact that he now lives in Michigan for work, he often ventures back to Guelph to hang with his friends.

Jamie was my neighbor, and is now a really good friend. He moved in next door ages ago, and has become a staple for a good night out! He's always up for a good time and will always be there when you need him. He too has joined Carlie, Ayaz, and I on many camping adventures and pretty much every night out . He loves rugby, and this is what brings us to the point of my story.

Carlie and Jamie have gone to Vegas several times now for the Rugby 7s. This year Ayaz went with them. One day, when I am eventually done vet school (it seems to be taking forever), I too will go! In the meantime, I at least know I am there with them in spirit. Thanks for thinking of me guys!

The post card sent to me from Vegas -- from Car, Ayaz, and Jamie

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