Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Saturday in London

Thankfully this past weekend was a weekend away from furry creatures (and thankfully a break from my week of evil animals!) -- excluding Friday night. Unfortunately this wasn't a weekend of sleeping in either. Instead, I had to be in Oxford Circus for a supposed 10:30 am appointment with {Geek Squad} to fix my laptop. So I show up on time (amidst the various train/tube works) to find that my appointment wasn't actually made! Aaargh! Thankfully, they were able to take my computer anyway. The downside -- they will have it for the week. So I said good bye to my little Acer and decided to make the most of my day in London. * Sorry for the crappy quality pictures, but I've had to resort to my old phone, as my new one was run over by a car *

A little Starbucks to start of the day

I decided to do a little browsing (and very little shopping) since I was on Oxford Street afterall. Made my way past {Selfridges} and didn't go in. Would have loved to, but can barely afford anything that I want in there; however, I stopped to take a picture of some of their windows, since they are always so amazing. Next, I made my way to the always busy {Primark}, and probably could have made a couple purchases, but I didn't want to stand in the massive que to try things on or to check out! Then I stopped in the newly introduced to the UK {Forever 21} store -- nicely laid out, and fairly large, however, I still prefer the items in the ones in Canada. And finally, made a stop in {H&M}, but decided I'd wait and order things online!

Forever 21 UK

Window at Selfridges

Another  Window at Selfridges

I thought I'd end my day with a trip to the {Natural History Museum} for the {Veiolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year} exhibit. I went last year with Sam and was impressed with what I saw. It's unbelievable that someone under the age of 10 is capable of taking such amazing photos! If you're looking for something to do in between now and March 11, 2012, it's worth checking out! Make sure to bring your student card for a discount!
The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum

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