Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Externship

I never really did do a post about my externship @ {OVC}. It's so hard to want to write things when you have no photos to go along with the post! Anywho, for all those that may consider doing an externship, here's the down-low from my point of view:

What is an externship?: Externships are work experience placements often undertaken at facilities other than one's own. For example, I attend the {RVC} but did my externship at the OVC.

How does this differ from an internship?: Internships are usually of a longer duration than an externship, and an intern is often given academic credit (and often gets paid too!). Internships are often required prior to starting a residency, but there are exceptions to the rule.

Why do an externship?: I completed my externship because my school requires that I do a certain number of weeks of placements external to the RVC. Externships are also a good idea if you are considering doing an internship or a residency at a place other than where you currently attend school. 

Where can I do an externship?: Externships aren't offered everywhere, however, veterinary externships are most commonly offered by public practices, such as vet schools, and can be offered by private practices too (usually the larger referral practices)! Practices that offer externships and internships often have a section on their website devoted to that, otherwise, if there's a practice you have in mind, don't hesitate to contact them and ask!

Anywho, my time at the OVC was brief (just 3 weeks), and it was over Easter (one less day of consultations). My first two weeks were in the emergency and critical care department and my last week was in internal medicine. I think that emergency medicine and critical care is a very important department, as they receive the cases out of hours. I thought it would be important to get as many emerg skills as possible as a student, that way, when you are the only vet on call in the middle of the night, you'll have some idea of what to do, and hopefully will remain calm throughout the experience. Internal medicine is one of my favourites -- I'd choose that over surgery if I had to choose! It requires the clinician to constantly think... and I feel that as a vet in general practice, those are the situations that I would attempt to deal with for a while on my own, rather than refer right away (as one might if they knew their animal required some complicated surgery). 

Although it took a while to get used to where things were, and how they did things at the OVC, it was a good learning experience and the people were super helpful and nice!! It's definitely something I'd recommend if you are looking for an externship at another vet school.

One of the student's dogs. She brought her in on my last day. Such a cutie!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Back to England I Go!

Hopefully my last ever flight back to school (cross your fingers for me!)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Birthday!

This year is my last year as a 20 something, and thankfully, I was home to celebrate with both family and friends! This year, instead of cake, my family decided to go with the always delicious cupcakes from {Wellington Cakes} and my friends and I decided to celebrate with a few nights out on the town -- one night at {NV Lounge} and one night at {Doogies}. Not specifically for my birthday, but always a treat, the girls and I went to the {Joint Cafe} for lunch. One of my new favourites in Guelph! Thank you to everyone for the well wishes both virtually and in person! I'm now looking forward to celebrating my 30th next year!

Myself and Bryan @ NV Lounge
The ladies and myself @ NV Lounge
One of the many fine drinks @ NV Lounge

Car, Julia and Myself prior to Doogies

Car and Myself @ Doogies

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Day With Marilyn

As many of you know, this summer marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. I've recently seen the film, {My Week With Marilyn}, starring Michelle Williams, which was great, by the way, and then I read that the {Getty Images Gallery} was holding an exhibition to celebrate her life, so I decided to check it out! In case you're interested in attending the exhibition yourself, it's running until May 23, 2012. The exhibit showcases many iconic photos and 10 or so original film costumes are on display. It's free, so I definitely recommend checking it out!

My favourite series is below: Marilyn Getting Ready (source: getty images)

When I went to the Gallery I was unsure as to whether or not we could take pictures, so I didn't. However, I found a photo of the costumes on someone's Flikr account {}. They always talk about her being a curvy lady, but I still found her costumes to be quite tiny!

Monday, 9 April 2012

My Easter Sunday

This Easter was the first Easter that I have been home for since my first year away in England. Easter usually involves going to mass on Sunday morning, followed by coffee and cakes at my grandma's, then Easter dinner cooked by my mom. Since my parents now live in Kingsville, I spent my weekend there. We decided to go for brunch at {Caesar's Windsor} with my aunt and uncle, and then walk along the waterfront and take in the Detroit skyline. The brunch was amazing -- there was sooooo much to choose from! I definitely recommend going there (on an empty tummy). All in all a good weekend -- just wish it wasn't so windy on our walk!


My mom, myself, my dad... and the wind

Caesar's Windsor

Sunday, 8 April 2012