Saturday, 14 April 2012

Happy Birthday!

This year is my last year as a 20 something, and thankfully, I was home to celebrate with both family and friends! This year, instead of cake, my family decided to go with the always delicious cupcakes from {Wellington Cakes} and my friends and I decided to celebrate with a few nights out on the town -- one night at {NV Lounge} and one night at {Doogies}. Not specifically for my birthday, but always a treat, the girls and I went to the {Joint Cafe} for lunch. One of my new favourites in Guelph! Thank you to everyone for the well wishes both virtually and in person! I'm now looking forward to celebrating my 30th next year!

Myself and Bryan @ NV Lounge
The ladies and myself @ NV Lounge
One of the many fine drinks @ NV Lounge

Car, Julia and Myself prior to Doogies

Car and Myself @ Doogies

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