Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Day At The Spa

Today I had a half day of class so I decided to book myself in for a Swedish massage and deep cleansing facial at the {London School of Aesthetics}. I have been there previously (at their old location in Oxford Circus), and was pleased with the service, as well as their {prices}, so I decided to go back again.

For those of you that are unaware of the gem, this school offers a variety of spa {treatments} at a discount, as students are the ones doing them. The only thing is, you have to let their supervisor know what you thought of the treatment. I was super happy with my facial (apparently I have great skin!?!), and my massage was good, although last time was a bit better -- I told the masseuse I like "firm" pressure, but in my mind it was a little too gentle -- but this was still relaxing.

It's something I definitely recommend. Their new location in Barbican is  clean and trendy, however, I don't believe all services are offered at that location just yet. 
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