Friday, 4 May 2012

Pilates? Sure, why not?

In the spirit of summer, and all things bikini, I decided that I needed to do something to try and return to some form of fitness.... my choice of challenge: Pilates!!! 

I used to go to the gym (truth: that was a couple years ago), and once upon a time I was in shape (truth: not since I've been in university), so I figured I'd do as the movie stars do these days, and try Pilates. I have never done a class before... yoga, spin, boxercise, aerobics, step --all have been attempted, but not Pilates. I figured, what the hey. So I'm now three classes in (and counting) at {Power Pilates Hertfordshire}, in Potters Bar. The two guys that own and run it are super nice and are quite helpful in ensuring you do things correctly with the reformer. Each one hour class takes a max of 4 people, so you get lots of individual attention. They offer classes for beginner to advanced, and they offer a cardiolates class for those that want to squeeze in some cardio, making the already challenging (at least I think so) class even more intense!

Verdict: Even though it's slightly more expensive than a gym membership, Pilates at this place is well worth it considering the individual attention you get and the fact that you get to use the reformer, instead of just doing mat Pilates. Using the machine allows you to get a deeper stretch and a much more intense work out, as it provides tension and allows you to get into deeper stretches. I don't know how effective Pilates will be on its own, so I've decided to make use of our treadmill (once again) to help with the cardio side of things. Hopefully closer to summer I'll be able to give you a better update on how things are going.. but in the mean time, take advantage  of their FREE beginner class offer!

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