Monday, 11 June 2012

Final Year Revue 2012

So every year the final year students at the RVC put on a variety show involving comedy skits, dance, singing, and videos, among other things... and this year my class decided to go with the theme "Vets on Demand," loosely based on one of the television stations here in the UK. It was hilarious! I cried from laughing so much. Although it might not be as funny to those not familiar with the ways of the RVC, its traditions, or its clinicians, I thought I'd share a few videos of skits that were written, directed, starred and edited by RVC students!!

This one contains students (in blue scrubs) and clinicians (green scrubs) making lite of the fact that you have to remain sterile while in surgery... and how it can be hard to do so!

This one mimics a Barclay card (a bank) advertisement, but is a nice video cause it's sort of makes you reminisce about your time at both of the campuses.

A parody of the "Lazy" song by Bruno Mars.

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