Friday, 1 June 2012

Jamie Visits

A couple of weekends ago Jamie (from Guelph) came to England to catch a rugby match. We had some time to chill over the weekend, so Saturday afternoon I met up with him at King's X Station and from there we went for lunch, and then a pub tour of Camden. Our first stop was at the {Lyttleton Arms}, a personal favourite. We both ordered the burger and a pint. Next stop was The Constitution, an RVC favourite. We sat out in the beer garden and got to enjoy the view of the canal. From there we made our way to {The World's End}.. probably the pub with the best music -- and it serves snakebite! We then sat and watched the football (aka soccer) match at {The Earl of Camden} -- West Ham won 2-1 against Blackpool btw-- and we ended the night up at the {Edinboro Castle}, another pub with a great beer garden. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy it though because it was so packed! After heading back to PB, I took Jamie to my favourite local pub, {The Old Manor}, where we ended the night with dinner and drinks!

Sunday, Jamie wanted to do lunch somewhere more 'high end' so we made our way to SoHo and ate at {Artubus}, one of the affordable Michelin Starred restaurants in the area. We both enjoyed the lunch menu -- I had a fancy salad, a pork dish, and cheesecake for dessert (sorry, I suck at remembering details), and Jamie had some thinly sliced lamb belly to start, followed by the same main and dessert (I believe). To top it all off we had some very delish wine! I wish I took some photos of our meal, but alas, the camera didn't come out of my bag :( You'll just have to take my word for it that the food was amazing!

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