Monday, 9 July 2012

Adventures in Thorpe Park & Another Star Sighting!

One of the post-exam events that was organized by some of the students was a trip to {Thorpe Park}. Now for those of you that aren't from the UK, Thorpe Park is the equivalent to {Canada's Wonderland} back home. Those of us that didn't have a car took the Mac, our school's over-the-hill van. While on the motorway, I looked out my window and saw a man in an orange t-shirt driving with his window down. I immediately recognized him as {Bradley Walsh}, famous for playing Danny Baldwin on Corrie, and for playing Ronnie on Law and Order UK. Forgetting that the windows of the van were not tinted, I was pointing and asking some of the other passengers if that was him. He obviously say us pointing, and he nodded at us, definitely confirming our suspicions. After that he quickly did up his window and took the next exit! 

Despite it being a rather rainy day, Thorpe Park was pretty fun. It had been ages since I had been to a theme park, so that was exciting, plus, I had the opportunity to hang out with some fellow students that I had never really hung out with before. It's always fun to get to know people better! As for the rides, I'd have to say my top 2 were Saw- the ride and Stealth. Saw was pretty cool because it had 100 foot drop (see pic below) and Stealth's main feature was its 80 mph take off. Overall, my least favourite ride was the Nemesis -- because I got soaking wet due to the rain water that poured on me as it ascended! Thankfully that didn't happen until the end of the day!

Overall, a good day out! A definite must-do on a nice day!
Group Shot!

Saw- the ride (source: Thorpe Park website)

Stealth (source: Thorpe Park website)

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