Thursday, 5 July 2012

One of my last times in Brookman's Park

I have some classmates that live in Brookman's Park. They rent out a beautiful giant house (there are 7 of them). Anywho, they love to host parties, and a few nights ago they held their last one in that house. The end of an era has come! It was small in comparison to their last ones -- some people have gone home, some are recuperating from the night before, and others were just too exhausted -- but those of us that were there tried to make the most of the night, chilling outside until it got too cold, and then we ended the night moving inside to play flip cup.

Enjoy some photos below... including one of Mark in one of his many famous costumes (this time he was David Bowie of Labyrinth, minus the hair).
Chloe, Mark, Nicky, & Jess

Flip cup time!

More flip cup

Tower building in between flip cup rounds

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