Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Premiere

Originally, the first day that my parents were visiting, we were going to do a Hop on Hop off bus tour. Unfortunately, we didn't start our day until a bit later and it was raining, so we decided to forgo the bus tour and instead, I'd take them around London myself. Towards the end of our journey, we ended up in {Leicister Square}, and it just happened to be the {London premiere} for the {Dark Knight Rises}!

It was crazy busy, but we decided to hang around and see if we could see any celebs. It was soooo packed and soooo hard to see.... And it started raining. Anywho, I had a hard time seeing any of the celebs because of everyone around me, so the only decent photos I could get were of the celebs on the monitors -- boourns. Anywho, below are some of the pics.

The red carpet

Marion Cotillard

Christopher Nolan

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Christian Bale (hard to tell, I know)

Cillian Murphy

Bat mobile

Anne Hathaway

Mark Wright (left) from {The Only Way is Essex}

Blake Harrison who plays Neil on {The Inbetweeners} (just behind umbrella)

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