Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Time to Celebrate!

After our last exam our class gathered out on the lawn for some drinks, some yearbook signing, and for a class photo! We get our class photo at graduation I believe, so I will share it then. After the class photo the girls and I went back to our place for a couple beverages and some pizza. Later on in the evening we returned to the school for Ayre's Fest.... Andy, in our class, was celebrating his birthday with face paints and karaoke. We ended up spending the rest of the night there, even joining in on the karaoke with a probably horrendous rendition of "Nothing Compares" by Sinead O' Connor. 

All in all it was a great night! Italy won the soccer game, exams were finally over, and I got to spend the night with some truly amazing people. Below are some photos from the evening.

Jamie and I on our last bus ride back to school

The one and only Jonny Hughes and myself

The best rotation group ever.... don't we all look to be in fine form!

Myself, Jess, and Lauren

Lauren, Abi, and myself

Jenna and her daughter Kahlan

Charlie wanted to pick me up but I told him that he'd break his back lol.. so Jamie gave him a hand

Keston, Me, Eve, and Rob

Group shot!

Rob, Matt, Me, and Mark in the Buttery

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